Personal vocabulary handbooks for Canadian students

Teachers want their students to be become confident, independent writers. How will My Word Books help?

These personal word books are hands-on, interactive, and responsive to each student’s needs. They reinforce spelling, solve language problems, and allow students to work on their own. Because each student owns a copy, their books stay with them as they move from one grade to the next.

My Word Books:

  • improve spelling
  • offer rich, high-interest, age-appropriate vocabulary
  • promote independence
  • provide Canadian content
  • stay at each student’s fingertips
  • build each student’s personalized word list
  • support teachers (click Teaching Tips for free lesson ideas)

These low-cost, high-value personal word books will help your students to broaden their vocabulary and sharpen their writing skills with confidence.

See for yourself. Click on the book covers for more information and to see inside the complete books.