• 'Truly a game changer'

    I absolutely love the My Words personal dictionaries. They are my go-to resource during my Gr.2 ELA classes. Our focus in class is to develop rich and descriptive sentences and journal entries. The students love when they look up a word and discover all the other words that could be used instead. I love that my students become more confident and independent with their writing once they learn how to use this resource. We also have amazing conversations that further develop our vocabulary. 

    My school purchases this resource, and it travels with the students to the next grade. I cannot recommend this handy resource enough! It's truly a game changer. 

    - Jennifer Harris teaches at Glamorgan School in Calgary

  • 'Essential tools for students and teachers'

    As an administrator in an elementary school, it is imperative that I find and encourage the use of resources that are both student-centred and of high calibre. My Word Books have been essential tools for students and teachers as we focus on the development of early literacy skills. Students share their personal additions with pride and get very excited when they find the word they need within the pages! Staff appreciate the traditional alphabetical order and also love the thematic pages! It is clear there has been tremendous effort to provide content-specific vocabulary. This is also tremendously helpful when working with students for whom English is an additional language. Just this year we began using the Mes Mots series in our French classes, offered from grades 1-6. Students are familiar with the format and have begun to use them to support their written and oral proficiency en français. Thank you to the My Word Books team for developing resources that are well-designed with kids in mind! They will be a staple in all our classrooms moving forward, both in English and French! 

    - Aubrey Fletcher, Principal 

    Chief Justice Milvain School, Calgary