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64 pages
15.24  x 22.86 cm (6 x 9 in)
Saddle stitch binding with inside cover lamination for better cover retention
ISBN 978-0-994966476

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Canadian English

Canadian English

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  • Canadian English replaces My English Words
  • Junior high to adult.
  • Builds English vocabulary, conversation, spelling, and writing fluency.
  • A uniquely Canadian student resource used in schools across Canada.

 This ESL/ELL resource builds fluency

New English speakers and writers need words at their fingertips to feel confident, independent, and fluent. Canadian English offers a rich word resource that is small and handy to use in a classroom, at home, or on the go. Students can refer to their own personalized book, which includes extensive vocabulary, along with extra spaces for students to add words.

 Growing language confidence, building vocabulary

Created by an experienced Canadian teacher, writer, and editor, Canadian English helps students to find the precise word they need, easily and independently. Canadian English is a personal word book that contains exactly what language learners want:

  • Illustrated words for clothing, parts of the body, geometric shapes, and other topics
  • Spelling variations, such as “flavour” and “flavor”
  • Spaces for students to add new words, translations, examples, or other helpful notes
  • Synonyms for overused words, such as “good”
  • Common homophones, such as “right” and “write”
  • Contractions and longer equivalents, such as “I’m” for “I am”
  • Basic writing tips, such as how to vary sentence beginnings
  • How to boost descriptions of colours
  • Word lists organized by theme (days of the week, months, seasons, weather, family, home, food, the kitchen, time, numbers, measurement, shapes, money, shopping, restaurants, entertainment, the street, friends, school, sports, health, job hunting, technology, Canadian animals, feelings or behaviour, and the five senses)
  • Punctuation, capitalization, spelling, possession, and parts of speech, with special attention to pronouns, verbs, prepositions, adjectives, and conjunctions
  • Lyrics for O Canada

 Lesson ideas are available for every page! Click on Teaching Tips!


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